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Corporate Governance

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Board of Directors

Our Board consists of seven Directors, all are elected at the Shareholders’ meetings. Directors serve for a term of three years and shall be subject to re-election upon retirement. Independent non-executive Directors shall not hold office for more than six consecutive years.


Dr. Ye Xiaoping
Ms. Cao Xiaochun
Ms. Yin Zhuan
Mr. Hao Wu
Mr. Zheng Bijun
Dr. Yang Bo
Mr. Liu Kai Yu Kenneth


The Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee currently consists of three Supervisors, includes two shareholder Supervisors and one employee Supervisor. The shareholder Supervisors and the employee Supervisor are elected at the Shareholders’ meetings and the staff representative assembly, respectively, for a term of three years, subject to re-election upon their retirement or resignation.


Ms. Chen Zhimin
Mr. Zhang Binghui
Mr. Wu Baolin


Senior Management:

Ms. Cao Xiaochun, Executive Director, General Manager
Ms. Yin Zhuan, Executive Director, Deputy General Manager
Mr. Hao Wu, Executive Director, Co-President
Dr. Ruwei Wang, Executive Vice President