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Late Phase Development

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Phase IIb / Phase III

*As of Q1 2020
  • Rich experience in project management of clinical trials as well as monitoring management of study sites, particularly in those for innovative drugs, allows us to greatly lower the risks for our clients’ R&D;
  • Extensive and good collaboration with clinical institutions and good reputation;
  • Widely accessible offices (123 service outlets), efficient interaction with clinical investigators, covering research hospitals from 28 provinces, 4 autonomous regions and 4 municipalities directly under the Central Government, and the information is well shared among these hospitals.
  • Well-developed SOP and rich experience in international project management;
  • The systematic, efficient and coordinated project management, as well as full-process dynamic monitoring and management of project progress allows us to ensure projects can be fulfilled as planned;
  • Perfect quality management system to ensure the project quality, with multiple registered clinical trials passing on-site inspections, Tigermed can accelerate the registration and marketing of investigational products for our clients.


Case Study

*As of Q1 2020

A Phase III Diabetes Project

  • Project Progress: 40 sites involved and 463 enrolled in total, nearly 7 months earlier for startup and enrollment timeline than a similar Phase III project of the same Sponsor on the same investigational product undertaken by another global CRO;
  • Project Quality: Full-range quality management, no major findings for nearly 180 QCs conducted by the Sponsor, CRO and SMO (4.5 QCs/site in average) and 4 inspections from provincial regulatory authorities/NMPA ; 34 QAs had been conducted in total by the end of 2019, Only 1.2 major findings/site in average, and no Major Findings at 10 sites;
  • Client’s’ Satisfaction: The only winner of the “Best Startup Award” from the Sponsor in 2017; winner of the “Joint Support & Common Development Award” from the Sponsor for project teams and project manager in 2019, indicating the high recognition from the Sponsor to Tigermed’s team.

Project Experience

*As of Q1 2020

Phase IIb / Phase III projects