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Recruitment Center Service

*As of Q1 2020

We have established patient recruitment service networks in 40 cities in China with a team of 130 professional experts and a global standard SOP, providing recruitment services to research sites in over 60 cities. More than 80% of the employees of the recruitment team have bachelor’s degree or above, and have professional background in sales, medicine, pharmacy, etc. In addition, the training and professional requirements reflect that our patient recruitment service is based on quality and expertise, which will ensure high-quality patient enrollment for each project and sponsor. 

Our PM team is selected from front-line recruiters so they could have deeper understanding and experience on every step of recuitment and implementation. Our recruit experts, with huge CRA and CRC resources, can quickly connect with experts in various fields in various cities.

  • Patient recruitment
  • Patients health education
  • Academic meetings
  • Medical mobile APP business expansion
  • Recalling the long-lost patients


Strength and Advantages

  • Professional recruiters can cover all centers and surrounding counties and cities, with intensive recruitment and cooperation outlets.
  • Rich experience in project recommendation, the sharing of resources, the relevant doctors and patient groups are very familiar and fast response.
  • CRCs and CRAs’ huge resource backing.
  • Rich recruiting experienced senior PM and online promotion platform with superior resources.

Project Experience

*As of Q1 2020

Clinial trials