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  • Professional project management by a professional, stable and dedicated project management team;
  • One-stop project management efficiently collaborated under Tigermed’s well-developed SOP system, and goal-oriented project operation;
  • High customer satisfaction, with strong awareness of service and being customer-oriented, Can coordinate and integrate Tigermed’s advantage resource to meet customer’s needs;
  • Strong sense of responsibility, commitment and learning ability for project management team


Case Study:

*As of Q1 2020

The 1st Biosimilar NDA Project in China:

  • Total number of subjects: 400+; sites: 30+.
  • Biosimilars are far more difficult than chemical generics in R&D, for long cycle of R&D, highly-required clinical trials and high R&D expenses. As a Chinese saying goes, “it takes ten years to sharpen a sword”, Tigermed has succeeded in fulfilling the overall enrollment nearly half a year ahead of schedule and passed the on-site inspection by the NMPA (August 2018) as planned through intensive discussion and full cooperation with the customer, regardless of these difficulties which were anticipated when undertaking the clinical research of the biosimilar.
  • The professional and efficient services of Tigermed’s team is highly recognized and appraised by customers. “During this period (of cooperation), Tigermed showed the demeanor of a responsible and ambitious leading player. The cooperation has strengthened our determination to cooperate with Tigermed for an even longer period of time.” says one of the letters of gratitude from the customers.

Project Experience

*As of Q1 2020

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