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As a one-stop service provider, we also invested in Cliflash EDC to offer a comprehensive system solution for clinical trials to help our clients improve efficiency, while saving time and costs.

Clinflash EDC – Electronic Data Capture

*As of Q1 2020

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Since 2014, Clinflash EDC assisted a wide range of pharmaceutical sponsors, medical device manufacturers and clinical research organizations (CRO) to improve efficiency and data quality for their clinical trials. The system has been applied in more than 1000 clinical studies, among which nearly 40 are phase III registration trials. Clinflash EDC has rich functionality with outstanding user experience thanks to the deep industrial know-how from clinical research and EDC development experts. Clinflash EDC’s advanced features combine superior flexibility and ease-of-use for users and can be adapted to all types of studies.


Clinflash IRT – Randomization and Trial Supply Management

*As of Q1 2020

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Clinflash IRT is used in more than 200 clinical trials over the past several years, enjoying a reputation for providing leading randomization and trial supply management tools. The system is backed by biostatistical experts and trial supply professionals, supporting a vast range of sophisticated randomization methods and treatment designs. Clinflash IRT can integrate with Clinflash EDC or other external systems to prevent duplication of entries, enhancing efficiency. In-house professional biostatisticians and integration experts of Clinflash provide 24/7 services to achieve your trials’ specific needs.


Clinflash Safety – Pharmacovigilance Safety Database

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Clinflash Safety is the market-leading solution for processing, submission, and analyzing adverse events in China. The system supports case reporting at the clinical trial and post-market stage for pharmaceuticals, biologics, vaccines, and medical devices (etc). Clinflash Safety provides an efficient way for case submission to the Chinese authorities under E2B-R3 standards. Internal pharmacovigilance experts of Clinflash work closely with system developers to ensure that the system is fully compliant with the latest Chinese regulations and standards. The systems’ powerful analytic and reporting features further help users lower the complexity safety management for drugs and medical devices.


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*As of Q1 2020


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