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About Research Hospital

We have deep and long term collaboration with China-based research hospital who provides both clinical research and patient treatment. With an operational area of about 14.000 square meters, the hospital is dedicated to early clinical drug research and development, which is able to provide professional, efficient, and high quality services in phase I explorative research to support the development of innovative drugs in most therapeutics fields, PK/PD research, and BE research.



  • Highly professional, highly educated team of researchers, rigorous scientific research, comprehensive and thoughtful service;
  • Professional research wards and facilities, advanced information system, reliable quality system, to ensure data quality and research progress;
  • Rich subject resources and external expert resources, one-stop solution of research and development of various problems;
  • Efficient and scientific management and operation mechanism, secure and reliable research safety guarantee.



Project Experience

*As of Q1 2020

Experience in various therapeutics areas:

BE Studies


Collaborative CROs