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*As of Q1 2020

We established a strict translation workflow and quality assurance system to provide timely and accurate translation and interpretation services. It covers all medical fields including the research and development of drugs, medical devices, regulations, biological products, animal health, vaccines, health nutrition, cosmetics and other products, registration, post-marketing supervision, marketing, management, training and other materials.

  • The largest medical translation service provider in China, with twenty years’ dedicated experiences;
  • The most comprehensive and wide range drug and medical device translation bases;
  • Strict and well-implemented translation project SOP;
  • TPM System achieving dynamic tracking during full paperless translation process;
  • Translation quality manage system has been accredited by ISO 9001;
  • Dealing with 4 million Chinese characters and about 50 projects daily.


Professional Translator Team

*As of Q1 2020
  • Qualifications: Most of them are majored in pharmacy, medical or English domain. More than 90% of our translators have the educational background above the level of master’s degree in related specialties.
  • Experiences: We have a team of translation experts with more than 10 years’ translation experience, and almost all translators have more than 3 years’ translation experience.
  • Building and Maintenance: Translation teams will be built according to their specialties and updated upon their quality scores quarterly.
  • Development: Our team leaders & HR manager will communicate with them regarding translation quality and organize workshops to develop their translation skills regularly.


Service Scope

  • Inter-translations of Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and Spanish
  • Drug safety materials
  • NDA/IND submission dossiers
  • Essential Documents for clinical trials
  • NMPA/FDA/EMA regulations and guidelines
  • Scientific publications and reports
  • Conference and training materials
  • Site interpretation in medical fields


Our Confidentiality Measures

  • We highly respect clients’ requirements on confidentiality, because we engaged ourselves in drug and medical device RA translation since foundation. We have adopted below measures to ensure customer’s confidentiality.
  • We have signed confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement with the clients before beginning of cooperation.
  • We have signed confidentiality agreement with all the staffs, including full-time and part-time staff.
  • All electronic documents have been stored in an encrypted RAID file server, located in a dedicated server room, only the authorized staff can access to the server, no matter of virtual or physical path.
  • All translation documents will be eliminated from the file server and backup device after two years or complying with the customers’ requirements.
  • All information of the translation process are maintained by our Translation Process Management (TPM) system, only the staff, bases on need-to-know, can access to those information.
  • We have realized paperless translation since 2005, which can avoid paper disclosure radically.
  • We have formulated computer SOP to ensure the security of computer devices.

Project Experience

*As of Q1 2020