Talent Development

Unleash your potential to shape the future of human health.

“Inspire to Excel, Empower to Achieve" is Tigermed’s talent value statement.

Career Development at Tigermed

In terms of employee training, Tigermed have established an endogenous talent training system, providing comprehensive training programs and smooth development channels for all employees. In accordance with Tigermed HR Management Policy- Training Management and Part-time Employee Management Policy we have a unified training program for all employees including regular employees, part-time employees and contract workers.

Learning and Development Programs of Tigermed

Tigermed provides a wide range of training programs and development opportunities for all its employees (including part-time employees and contract workers). The training programs include Orientation Training for New Employees, Leadership Training, General Skills Training, Professional Skills Training, Professional Qualifications/Certificates Training, and Academic Education Program , etc., with the objective to continually support employees to improve their professional skills, expand their career development paths, and realize their individual growth.

In 2022, Tigermed paid a total of RMB 3.59 million to support employees to acquire external professional qualifications/certificates and achieve educational improvement.

Total Rewards

We are fully aware that the labor market is changing over time, and talent expectations are constantly evolving. We have progressively overcome the expectation gap by increasingly providing distinctive and competitive “Total Rewards”. At Tigermed, “Total Rewards” goes beyond financial rewards. It covers the multi-dimension needs for protection, benefits, learning and development opportunities, and most importantly, a supportive career-life environment. We strive to build and recognize a healthy relationship with our employees that leads to sustainable performance to attract, motivate and inspire top-performing individuals.

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Diversity & Inclusion

At Tigermed, we highly value diversity – we have thousands of difference makers around the world that are united by one purpose: advancing human health through delivery excellence.

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Best Employer Awards & Recognitions

Tigermed continues to promote the digital transformation of HR, and the construction of an innovative corporate culture. This builds a good employer brand image that attracts specialized and multi-talented people to join us and fully contribute to the success of Tigermed.

Tigermed will continue to explore effective Human Resource management practices to encourage each employee to reach their full potential, working towards Tigermed's high-quality development.

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