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Key Challenges on Endocrine Clinical Research

The endocrinology field, and diabetes specifically, is extremely competitive with many available centers that can be selected, making this selection a difficult one. For endocrine diseases, the enrollment process is unevenly spread among different regions and centers and a large share of the patients is found in large hospitals in second-tier cities and in municipal county hospitals.

Tigermed’s recruitment center can play a significant role in the process of successful enrollment. Our experts take patient compliance aspects into account like the dosage forms, frequency of administration, administration methods. Another focus is on factors that might affect the quality of the trials like the history of previous visits and incomplete history of past medications, for instance.

Experience and Expertise You Need for Endocrine Trials

The endocrine clinical trial team of Tigermed addresses problems on a one-by-one basis taking characteristics of preceding endocrine clinical trials into account. This approach has enabled us to gain experience throughout the entire endocrinology field but Tigermed is specifically adept at executing trials aimed at Type 2 diabetes.

Through a number of large multi-center diabetes clinical study projects, there have collaborations with many endocrine departments across the country which has led us to earn a high degree of recognition from the investigators we have worked with. Our team has relevant experience in clinical trials with different dosage forms, different dosing frequency, and administration methods.

Additionally, they are familiar with the national endocrine centers, they have in-depth cooperation with many well-known endocrine departments & investigators, and leverage these relations to facilitate specifically targeted selections to match your needs.


Endocrine Clinical Trials

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