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Ensuring your success through global clinical reach and integrated service capabilities.

End-To-End Post-Marketing Clinical Research Solutions

We are committed to providing orchestrated post-marketing clinical research services to customers.

By integrating the premium resources of Tigermed Group, we can provide post-marketing clinical research services that meet the requirements of registered clinical trials under the premise of being effective and efficient, according to customers‘ needs.

At the same time, we will strive to implement all standards to minimize compliance risks and provide comprehensive assurance for the full cycle of clinical studies of our customers' products.

Comprehensive Solution

  • Post-marketing strategies for new drugs
  • Post-marketing safety monitoring of new drugs
  • Develop and review Real-world studies to support the drug development plan
  • High-quality research initiated by global and localized leading investigators
  • Based on medical, regulatory, clinical and RWE research to provide the latest strategies and research.

Full Services Capabilities

Site identification and selection

Site identification and selection are critical to improving data collection and the quality of enrolment. We evaluate them in multiple approaches to save time and cost for sponsors. We also have the capabilities to apply for Ethics, Protocols, and Office Approvals.

Central Monitoring

We have an experienced team to manage SDV and SDR, research product management, sample management, and safety management. The team works closely across departments and sponsors to support both central and on-site monitoring.

Project Team Management

Our project teams are engaged in medical writing, data management, statistical analysis, pharmacovigilance, and medical surveillance. You can transfer your burden to us, and we are here to assure you of a clear path to success.

Vendor Management

We can help provide comprehensive management of vendors, such as SMO, EDC, ePRO, central lab, cold chain, logistics, insurance.

Project Management

Provide comprehensive project management services to ensure project schedule, quality and budget meet the requirements.

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