Integrated Capabilities

GMP Consulting

Help you establishing a qualified GMP center to deliver treatment to patient.

Global GMP and Regulatory Compliance

As a pioneer in GMP compliance consulting, we deliver an all-encompassing suite of services spanning from development to commercialization and help you design and adapt your quality and safety processes to minimize the risks involved in (bio) pharmaceutical production.

We provide comprehensive consulting services to guarantee compliance with US cGMP, EU-GMP, WHO GMP, and Chinese GMP standards, addressing the complete life cycle of the GMP regulatory framework.

GMP compliance cases globally
Global customers & partners
Inspection consulting and testing projects
Consulting experts in EU, US and China

A Trusted Partner for GMP Consulting

Many of our consultants are industry pharmacists and specialists who are familiar with the applicable quality standards and can help you design or adapt your quality and safety processes in order to minimize the risks involved in biopharmaceutical production.

  • GMP Compliance (China and Overseas)

  • Factory Compliance

  • Verification and Testing

  • GMP Auditing – Mock Inspections

  • Laboratory Quality System Compliance

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