Clinical Development

Medicinal Chemistry

Providing reliable chemistry services and delivering good quality products in a timely fashion.

Customized Approach for Successful Drug Discovery

The right medicinal chemistry approach can be a key differentiator to fast, efficient drug discovery. We seek to make intellectual contributions in medicinal chemistry while providing exceptional synthetic chemistry service, including Drug Molecular Design, Hit to lead, Quality Research, Customized Synthesis, etc.

  • Independent route design for complex target molecules and timely execution
  • Management team has decades of experiences with the Pharmaceutical industry
  • Hybrid-model keeps costs low by taking advantage of US & China talent
  • Transparency, responsive project management and seamless communication
  • No internal research programs, your IP is protected and safe

Comprehensive MedChem Services

We provide synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry services for the discovery end of the drug development process. We are committed to forming a relationship with our clients, to provide both exceptional service and transparency.

Custom Synthesis

- Intermediates
- Reference compounds
- Nucleosides & Nucleotides
- Building blocks
- Small libraries
- Pro-drugs
- Impurities & Metabolites
- Stable Isotopes

CMC in Preclinical Stage

- Regulatory CMC consulting
- In vitro and in vivo PKDM
- Analytical services (HPLC, LCMS, NMR, X-ray, chiral analysis and separation, etc.)
- Biological tests through alliances

Hit to Lead

- Hit confirmation and Hit-to-lead
- Lead optimization
- Optimize potency
- Secure IP
- Improve ADME properties of lead molecules

Process Research & Scale-up

- Route selection and optimization
- From gram to kilograms
- Manufacturing

Lab Capacity and Capabilities in US

R&D area
years experience in new drug discovery
R&D staff with Phd degree

Lab Capacity and Capabilities in China

R&D area
chemical hoods
scale up labs +GMP lab
R&D Scientists
standard pharmacochemical labs

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