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Subject Recruitment

Accelerate enrollment speed by proven data and analytics.

On Time. On Budget. Compliance.

Subject recruitment is one of the biggest hurdles in clinical research, and we understand its importance in making critical decisions. Our recruitment center has a strategic, highly optimized approach to identify and recruit eligible and engaged patients for a particular study.

With 240+ recruiting professionals and extensive experience in multiple therapeutic areas, we are devoted to increasing the engagement of patients and eliminating additional time, cost and uncertainty in the recruitment process.

Recruiting experts
Cities with recruitment network in China
Clinical studies
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Comprehensive Services

Subject recruitment for Phase I-IV clinical trials

Patients health education

Academic meetings for scientific communication purpose

Medical mobile APP business expansion

Recalling long-lost patients

Fast Enrollment

Recruiting service covers all major cities and surrounding regions in China

Extensive experience in recruiting patient populations for multiple TA like oncology, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, etc., ranging from phase I to IV

A strong network of clinical resources and disease experts, and online promotional & educational channels to support fast and efficient enrollment

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