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DreamCIS received Korea “2020 National Industry Award ”

Jun 05, 2020

DreamCIS received Korea “2020 National Industry Award”

June 5, 2020

DreamCIS (stock code: A223250), a subsidiary of Tigermed, and a leading Korea-based contract research organization (CRO) providing comprehensive R&D services to biopharmaceutical companies, received Korea “2020 National Industry Award” from The Institute for Industrial Policy Studies(IPS).



This award is recognized to companies or institutions that have contributed greatly to the Korea industrial development through sustainable growth under fierce competition and business uncertainty circumstance in Korea. DreamCIS is dedicated to providing comprehensive R&D services to biopharmaceutical companies and made great contributions to the steady growth of national healthcare research and development.

DreamCIS was listed on the KOSDAQ market of the Korean Stock Exchange on May 22, 2020, and was the only and first clinical CRO company in Korean IPO market.

“This award shows significant industry recognition to DreamCIS,” said Kyung-sun Gong, General Manager of DreamCIS. “We will continue our efforts on R&D capabilities for a greater dedication to clinical research. In the future, we are also planning to focus on high value-added clinical trials for global pharmaceutical companies, expand overseas project, and initiate new businesses such as medical device clinical trials, drug registration, clinical project management, etc.”


About DreamCIS

Established in April 2000 in Korea, DreamCIS is a contract research organization (CRO) providingcomprehensive R&D services to biopharmaceutical companies, including clinical trialoperations, post-marketing surveillance and data management. Through the scientific and systematic quality management, DreamCIS is dedicated to satisfy our clients’ needs based on strict ethical consciousness. DreamCIS follows the guidelines of all clinical research services such as KGCP, ICH and DreamCIS’ standard operating procedures (SOPs) to provide the reliability on developing products through the systematic management in clinical research and continuous improvements on quality.


About Tigermed

Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co., Ltd(stock code: 300347)is a leading Contract Research Organization (CRO) in China dedicated to provide full comprehensive services and solutions for biopharmaceutical research and development. Since inception in 2004, Tigermed has always em­braced state-of-the-art technologies and has engaged in partnerships to accelerate medical product development with costs efficiency and high quality.

Headquartered in Hangzhou, Tigermed operates over 60 subsidiaries and over 100 offices across China, and 13 overseas offices in US, Switzerland, Korea, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Canada and Romania with over 5,000 full time employees.