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Site Management (SMO)

End-to-End CRC Services with Proven Quality and Efficiency.

A Leading SMO in China

Site Management Organization (SMO) provides professional services and real-time assistance to investigators and study sites of non-medical judgment work of clinical trials, in order to improve the study quality, accelerate the project process, and promote the standardization of clinical trials.

An appropriate level of site management is an essential factor in clinical trials. Our services cover Phase I - IV and 70% of studies are sponsored by global pharma companies. Site management is a founding discipline of Tigermed that goes beyond simply managing and monitoring. We are committed to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of sites, while strictly maintaining regulatory compliance, protocol adherence, safety and subject’s right.

  • Studies cover Phase I - IV and 70% of which are sponsored by global pharma companies
  • Indications include: oncology, hematology, diabetes, cardiology, infectious disease and nephrology, etc.
Full-time clinical research coordinators (CRCs)
Clinical trial sites in collaboration
Cities with Tigermed CRCs in China
Site management projects

A Full Spectrum of Site Management Services

Skilled Clinical Research Coordinator

  • Exemplary quality and deliverables
  • On-time and on-budget approaches
  • Well-trained & compliant with ICH-GCP & GCP
  • Global standard + strong customer service orientation
  • Flexibility for workload and timeline fluctuation

Quality Management


Plan: Annual, Spot Check
Content: Project Audit, Systematic Audit, Vendor Audit


Coordinate and manage the work quality of CRC
Track and solve quality problems
Ensure quality problems are solved in a timely manner


Update and complete SOP according to policy and regulation
Simo CRC complies with 51 SOPs and related policies. In 2020, Simo will update 32 SOPs and related documents.

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