Preclinical Development

Compound Screening

Assist you with our flexible compound screening approaches.

Flexible Screening Approaches Optimized for Your Target

We offer high-quality compound screening services for global drug development customers. All assays are well developed and optimized with robust and reproducible outcomes and validated with reference compounds.

Enzymatic Assays

  • Kinases
  • Epigenetic enzyme
  • DNA repair enzyme
  • Phosphodiesterase
  • Proteolytic enzyme
  • Kinase panel

Cell Based Assays

  • Mutant cells and wild-type cells
  • CCK8/CTG/Cyquant
  • 3D Assay
  • Cell Panel
  • LANCE/HTRF/Alpha
  • Cytokine release

      Recombinant Cell Line Assays

      • Signaling pathway reporter gene cell line
      • Nuclear receptor cell line
      • G protein-coupled receptor cell line
      • Other overexpressed cell lines

      Early MOA

      • Cell apoptosis, cell cycle
      • Cell migration
      • Gene Expression
      • Western Blot

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