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Early Phase

Dynamic strategy and faster timeline to move your research from First-in-Human to Proof-of-Concept.

Your Partner to Help Navigating Your Early Phase Clinical Studies

Early clinical development refers typically to Phase I and Phase IIa studies with objectives to investigate the safety and tolerability, pharmacokinetic (PK) / pharmacodynamic (PD) properties of an investigational drug, as well as to explore its efficacy. At Tigermed, our specialized Early Phase team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions for navigating this challenging phase of clinical development, from First-in-Human to Proof-of-Concept programs, we enable your product from concept to compound to cure.

Phase I / First-in-Human

Our teams collaborate closely with you to develop tailored roadmaps for your study and aim to maximize efficiency, anticipate challenges, and mitigate risk. Our phase I strategies to minimize the time spent on reaching a key go/no-go decision by leveraging our many clinical facilities, biometrics capabilities, PK/PD study experts, and project management experience.

Phase IIa / Proof-of-Concept

We always start with the end in mind and successful studies should have a high degree of flexibility as to answer questions early to avoid unnecessary investment at later stage. Additionally, we have a proven track-record of enrolling suitable and usually hard-to-find patients for specialized trials thanks to our dedicated recruitment centers.

Integrated Platform.
Tailored Solutions.

We incorporate scientific excellence and product development strategy with expertise in early phase clinical research, pharmacology, PK/PD modeling & simulation, and the full range of supporting services.

Early Clinical Capabilities & Experience

We bring over 380 projects experience in early phase clinical development in the last 5 years. With an integrated team of regulatory, pharmacology, and medical science experts to inform the doses of the drugs, safety selection, and PK/PD evaluation. We help design a protocol that works smarter for you, generating the data you'll need to inform decision-making.

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